Land sale in bijeshori Bijeshori, Kathmandu

Rs.7,000,000 /Per Ana
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Property type: Commercial


Unveiling Lucrative Opportunities: Exploring Commercial Land in Kathmandu

looking for commercial land in Kathmandu ?

Kathmandu, Nepal’s vibrant capital, is more than just a historical and cultural treasure trove; it’s now a burgeoning economic hub. The region’s strategic location, diverse economy, and growing urban population have triggered a surge in demand for commercial spaces.


  • Location: Bijeshori                                                          स्थान: बिजेशोरी
  • Land area: 0-2-0-0                                                           जग्गा क्षेत्रफल: २ आना
  • Road: 20 feet pitched and 4 feet                                 बाटो: २० फिट र ४ फिट
  • Face: West – south                                                             मोहोडा: पश्चिम – दक्षिण
  • Price: Rs 70,00,000 Per ana                                         मुल्य; रु ७० लाख प्रती आना

Short Details:

beautiful commercial small piese land having area 2 ana of 20 and 4 feet road facing west-south is on sale at bijeshori Kathmandu. For more details and visit please call on 9851132469 – 9801132469 – 9823111377.


Why Invest in Commercial Land?:
Investors keen on diversifying their portfolios are finding a promising avenue in Kathmandu’s commercial land. Unlike volatile financial markets, real estate offers stability and the potential for steady appreciation over time.

Strategic Locations for Commercial Land :
From the bustling streets of Thamel to the up-and-coming locales of Lazimpat, Kathmandu boasts several prime areas for commercial ventures. These locations offer high foot traffic and excellent visibility, ensuring a steady stream of potential customers.

Navigating Legal and Regulatory Aspects :
Before sealing the deal, investors must navigate Nepal’s legal landscape. Collaborating with legal experts well-versed in local real estate laws is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction.

Infrastructure and Connectivity :
The city’s ongoing infrastructural developments, including upgraded road networks and the Tribhuvan International Airport expansion, are enhancing connectivity and accessibility, further boosting the allure of commercial land.

Rising Trends in Commercial Real Estate :
From modern co-working spaces to environmentally conscious structures, Kathmandu’s commercial real estate scene is evolving to cater to changing business demands and preferences.

Calculating ROI: A Financial Perspective :
Evaluating return on investment involves not only the property’s purchase price but also factors like potential rental income, appreciation, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Environmental Sustainability in Commercial Projects :
With a global push towards sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly features into commercial projects isn’t just a choice; it’s a competitive advantage.

Challenges and Mitigations :
While the opportunities are enticing, investors must be aware of challenges such as bureaucratic red tape, infrastructure gaps, and market competition. Developing a robust risk mitigation strategy is essential.

Future Prospects and Growth Potential :
Experts project a bright future for Kathmandu’s commercial real estate market, fueled by urbanization, economic growth, and the city’s rising prominence on the global stage.

Expert Insights: Industry Voices :
We reached out to seasoned real estate professionals who shared their perspectives on the current state and future trajectory of Kathmandu’s commercial property landscape.

Making Your Move: Steps to Acquiring Commercial Land :
From property search and due diligence to negotiations and finalizing the deal, here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring commercial land in Kathmandu.

Designing Your Commercial Space: Architects and Planners :
Collaborating with architects and planners ensures your commercial space aligns with your business vision while adhering to local regulations and aesthetics.

Success Stories: Showcasing Thriving Ventures :
Explore inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who turned their commercial ventures in Kathmandu into remarkable success stories, showcasing the city’s immense potential.

Conclusion :
In the heart of Kathmandu’s bustling streets and amidst its historical treasures lies a realm of commercial opportunities. The city’s economic trajectory, coupled with its unique charm, makes investing in commercial land an endeavor worth exploring.

Is foreign investment allowed in Kathmandu’s commercial real estate?
Yes, Nepal allows foreign investment in certain sectors, including commercial real estate, subject to specific regulations.

What are some key factors to consider before purchasing commercial land?
Factors such as location, zoning regulations, market demand, and potential for future development should all be carefully evaluated.

Are there any tax incentives for commercial real estate investors?
Nepal offers various tax incentives and exemptions to promote investment and economic growth.

How can I ensure my commercial project is environmentally sustainable?
Collaborating with eco-friendly architects and incorporating sustainable design elements can contribute to the project’s environmental sustainability.

What role does infrastructure play in the value of commercial land?
Accessible infrastructure, including road networks and transportation facilities, can significantly enhance the value and desirability of commercial land.

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