House sale in Narayantar Narayantar, Kathmandu

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Property type: House


  • Boring water
  • Drainage
  • Garage / Parking
  • Inar
  • Line Water
  • Living room
  • Marveled floor
  • Reserve Tank


House sale in Narayantar

searching for House sale in Narayantar ?

are you looking for House sale in Narayantar ?

  • Location: Narayantar                                                    स्थान: नारायणटार
  • Road: 35 feet pitched                                                      बाटो: ३५ फिट पिच
  • Floor: 3.5                                                                            तला: साढे ३ तले
  • Face: East                                                                           मोहोडा: पुर्व
  • Type: Commercial residential                                    किसिम: ब्यवसायिक फ्लाट
  • Land area: 0-3-2-0                                                          जग्गा एरिया: साढे ३ आना
  • Price: Rs 3,50,00,000

Home Details :

Commercial house having land area 3 and half ana, facing east, 35 feet road is on sale at narayantar. for more details and visit please call on 9851132469 – 9801132469 – 9823111377.

(काठमान्डौको नारायणटार मा ३५ फिट पिच बाटोमा, पुर्व मोहोडाको, साढे ३ आनामा बनेको साढे ३ तले घर बिक्रिमा । संपर्क:- ९८५११३२४६९ – ९८०११३२४६९ ) 

Floor wise details of house : Total 14 rooms.

Ground Floor:

1st Floor:

Top floor:

Additional features :

1 car and some bikes parking space, line water, reserve tank, drainage, hospital, college and market places.


Kathmandu, the vibrant capital city of Nepal, is witnessing a surge in the commercial real estate sector, particularly in the buying and selling of commercial houses. With its strategic location, growing economy, and increasing business opportunities, Kathmandu has become a hotbed for investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the country. This article explores the current state of the commercial house market in Kathmandu, highlighting the factors driving its growth and the benefits for both buyers and sellers.

Growing Demand for Commercial Houses:
The demand for commercial houses in Kathmandu has been steadily rising due to various factors. The city’s central location and excellent connectivity make it an attractive destination for businesses across different sectors. The presence of government offices, corporate headquarters, educational institutions, and commercial centers further fuels the demand for commercial spaces, leading to a surge in buying and selling activities.

Investment Opportunities:
Investing in commercial houses in Kathmandu presents an enticing opportunity for investors. The city’s expanding economy, combined with its strategic location between China and India, offers immense potential for businesses to flourish. This favorable business environment has attracted both domestic and international investors, driving the demand for commercial properties. Investors can expect lucrative returns on their investments, making commercial houses a highly sought-after asset class.

Factors Driving the Market:
Several factors contribute to the robust growth of the commercial house market in Kathmandu:

a) Urbanization and Infrastructure Development: Rapid urbanization and ongoing infrastructure development projects, such as road expansions and metro lines, are transforming Kathmandu into a modern commercial hub. These developments increase the value of commercial properties and attract potential buyers.

b) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Nepal has witnessed a significant influx of foreign direct investment in recent years, especially in sectors like information technology, tourism, and manufacturing. This inflow of FDI generates a higher demand for commercial spaces, encouraging investors to buy or sell commercial houses.

c) Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Kathmandu’s rich cultural heritage and proximity to popular tourist destinations, including the Himalayas, have boosted the tourism and hospitality sector. This industry demands commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and event venues, creating a thriving market for commercial houses.

Benefits for Buyers:
Buyers in the commercial house market can reap several benefits, including:

a) Capital Appreciation: Commercial properties in Kathmandu have witnessed substantial appreciation in value over the years. Investing in commercial houses offers the potential for long-term capital gains.

b) Rental Income: Commercial properties often generate higher rental income compared to residential properties. Entrepreneurs and businesses are willing to pay a premium for well-located commercial spaces, ensuring a steady rental cash flow for buyers.

c) Diversification: Commercial real estate provides diversification for investors looking to balance their investment portfolios. Commercial houses offer an alternative asset class that can hedge against risks associated with other investments.

Benefits for Sellers:
Sellers can also enjoy various advantages in the commercial house market, such as:

a) High Demand: The growing demand for commercial properties in Kathmandu ensures a larger pool of potential buyers. Sellers can capitalize on this demand by securing profitable deals and negotiating favorable terms.

b) Competitive Pricing: The appreciation of commercial property values allows sellers to set competitive prices. With proper market research and valuation, sellers can maximize their returns on investment.

c) Marketability: Well-maintained and strategically located commercial houses have high marketability, attracting a wider range of buyers. Sellers can leverage this demand to sell their properties quickly and efficiently.


The commercial house market in Kathmandu presents a lucrative opportunity for buyers and sellers alike. The city’s rapid urbanization

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