Bungalow house sale in kapan Kapan, Kathmandu

SKU: FHS 550
Property type: Bungalow


  • Alarm system
  • Backup Power
  • City Views
  • Dining room
  • Drainage
  • Furniture
  • Garage / Parking
  • Line Water
  • Living room
  • Marveled floor
  • Reserve Tank
  • Solar


Real estate in Nepal

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  • Location: Kapan (near anigumba)
  • Road: 28 feet pitched
  • Floor: 2.5
  • Face: East
  • Type: Bungalow
  • Land area:1 ropani
  • Price: Rs 17 Cr

Home Details :

a beautiful luxury bungalow house having land area 1 ropani of 2 and half floors, facing east, 28 feet pitched road is on sale at kapan. for more details call on 9851132469 / 9823111377.

Floor wise details of house :

Ground Floor: 1 big living room, 1 kitchen dinning, 1 kitchen store room, 1 toilet abthroom.

First floor: 2 attached bedrooms, 1 pooja room, 1 toilet bathroom.

Top Floor: 2 attached bedrooms, 1 toilet bathroom.

Additional Features:

3/4 car parking space, garden, servant quarter, fully furnished, solar, 3phase electricity line, 24,000 liter reserve tank.




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