Land sale in pokhara begnash tal Pokhara, Kaski

Rs.1,700,000 /Per Ana
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Property type: Land


land sale in pokhara begnastal

Searching for land sale in pokhara begnastal ?

are you looking for land sale in pokhara begnastal ?


  • Location: Pokhara begnastal                                                         स्थान: पोखरा बेग्नासताल नजिक
  • Land area: 0-10-2-0                                                                            जग्गा एरिया: साढे १० आना
  • Road: 24 feet pitched road                                                               बाटो: २४ फिट पिच
  • Face:                                                                                                         मोहोडा:
  • Price: Rs 17,00,000 Per ana                                                             मुल्य: रु १७ लाख प्रती आना
  • Contact: 9851132469 / 9801132469


Short Details:

10 and half ana land having 24 feet pitched road, facing south is on sale at pokhara begnastal.  for more details and field visit please call on 9851132469 – 9801132469 – 9823111377.

पोखरा बेग्नासताल नजिक मा २४ फिट पिच बाटो भएको साढे १० आना जग्गा बिक्रिमा । संपर्क:- ९८५११३२४६९ – ९८०११३२४६९ ।



Pokhara is a popular tourist destination located in the western part of Nepal. The city has been witnessing rapid development in recent years and the real estate sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the region.

Land sales in Pokhara are regulated by the government and there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed when buying or selling land. The first step in buying or selling land in Pokhara is to identify a reliable real estate agent who can help you navigate the process.

Before finalizing the sale, it is important to conduct a thorough due diligence on the property, including checking the ownership, land use certificate, survey certificate, and any other relevant documents. It is also important to check for any encumbrances or legal issues related to the property.

Once you have identified the property you wish to purchase, you will need to sign a sale agreement with the seller, which outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. This agreement should be signed in the presence of witnesses and should be registered with the local authorities.

After the sale agreement has been signed, the buyer will need to pay a deposit, usually around 10% of the total sale price, and the remaining amount will need to be paid within a specified time frame. The seller will then transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer and the sale will be complete.

It is important to note that foreign nationals are not allowed to own land in Nepal, except in certain special cases. If you are a foreigner looking to buy land in Pokhara, it is recommended to consult with a local legal expert to understand the regulations and procedures involved.



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